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Bullies come in all disguises. In fact, it’s the ones hiding behind the sweet demure and seemingly innocent facades that are the most destructive and manipulative. I see this even in yoga communities, when people hide behind their words… their mouths are saying “peace, love and light,” but their thoughts, intentions and actions are completely out of alignment. 

I am currently experiencing a form of bullying, as I am witnessing one of my two children being targeted, attacked and bullied! The most challenging part, is I’m not present to defend it. I have given birth to 3 yoga studios, and each birth was uniquely different and challenging. My third, I ended up having to let go of as it was literally feeding off the other two. I had to make some of the most difficult decisions in my life, and be in the most challenging circumstances. I wanted desperately to run, but as we know “the asana begins the moment we want to leave.”  I am proud to say that I and both my studios not only survived but came out stronger and wiser because of the experience.

Of course, I was ridiculed, judged and treated with bitterness from some of my employees. All of it coming from those who had never been responsible for anything more than themselves. They had no clue about making a sacrifice for the benefit of the greater good. They weren’t focusing on the fact that I did it so they would still have a job and two other beautiful communities to teach yoga. 

So now once again, when I have had to make decisions based on the greater good and survival of the community I find myself and my children that I have dedicated 13 years too cultivating in a position of being attacked. But this time, it’s coming from the very people who’ve preached unity, love and blessings towards me and the studios. It’s coming from within the community. 

I consider this a form of bullying, because the energy and intention behind the actions are spiteful, disrespectful and deceitful. Even after being upfront with the reasoning behind my decision and full disclosure about the circumstances their attacks not only continued but worsened.

Upon further request to at the very least respect my business space and management, they seem to have found taken the opportunity of my absence and inability to defend, to up their tactics.

They are creating separateness, division and an an air of competition! When questioned, they deny their actions, and justify themselves by hiding behind spiritual quotes. 

This tactic of tearing people down to build yourself and others up, is fear based. It’s the opposite of what I have dedicated my life to cultivating, and is not yoga or any other spiritual practice I want to be associated with…

Well, mama will be back home soon… and ready to defend her child. Ready to stand strong in my convictions with a clear conscious and an open heart. Unconditional love doesn’t mean being a wimpy sappy push-over, and allowing darkness and negativity to cast its shadows. Yoga is about being brave and loving enough to be a warrior when life requires it…Perhaps a little “Spiritual House Cleaning” is in order, right after the “Come to Jesus” meeting. 

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In gratitude and love,