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It may not be “Yogic Approved”, but it’s REAL!!

YOGA POSERS! We have all been one, maybe are one now, fluctuate between being one from time to time, even moment to moment... [...]

Look in the Mirror. . . Face Mapping

When was the last time you took a look in the mirror at your face? I mean really stopped and  took a long [...]


You know those awkward moments when you can tangibly feel that someone is wanting to say something and they're not... You can feel [...]

A Teacher Trainee Truth

When I just started leading my 8 month 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Orlando, Florida and one of their first assignments is to [...]

No Mud No Lotus

Whenever someone is suffering, whether it's physical or emotional pain, it is in our nature to want to "fix it" or at the [...]

The Art of Falling

One of my biggest fears is falling. Yes, falling. When I was in Kindergarten, I guess that puts me at about 5 years [...]

Indifference. . . What a Kill

Indiference 1. Indifference the state of not being influenced by personal involvement in something; impartiality. "I do not claim any scholarly [...]

Temporary Sadness. . .

Whenever I start to feel that sensation of wanting to escape and get away, I head to the beach. Whether its sweat, tears [...]


This year is all about "CONNECTING"... and as I begin to add travel into my life on a bigger scale this year, connecting [...]

Oil Pulling is Back!

O il Pulling is back. Have you heard about it, or even practiced it? How does swishing oil around in your mouth for [...]

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