It may not be “Yogic Approved”, but it’s REAL!!

YOGA POSERS! We have all been one, maybe are one now, fluctuate between being one from time to time, even moment to moment… that’s why it’s a practice I guess. The play between our thoughts, actions, words and deeds is so fun to share and even make fun of…as long as we keep it real and don’t hurt anyone, right! : D So it is in that light that I begin and share this blog…

Sunday, September 16th 2012
I have been wanting to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences and just completely “hilarious happenings” in the yoga world for a long time. I actually was afraid of being too honest, unedited and “REAL” for the sake of maybe being criticized by my yoga community and peers…but it seems like  that “stuff ”  happens anyways even in the yogic community, so why not just go for it!!


I wish I could say that my mother and father were yogi’s and that I grew up in an ashram, and my name was “Saraswati” or “Shiva”, heck! I’d take my parents were “Dead Heads” and we followed “The Grateful Dead”…but no such story. My parents are borderline rednecks, both born and raised in Sanford, Florida…more on them for sure!!
Today is Sunday and it is a rare occassion that I am not teaching this morning, so….
I LOVE watching preachers on television on Sunday mornings!! Really I DO! Joel Osteen is one of my favorites… (way to liberal for my parents, they are more of the John Hagee followers)
I guess it comes from growing up in a very conservative Christian home where we honored and acknowledged the “Lord’s Day” …Sunday! Now the way we did this when I was a kid was stay in our pajamas all day, watching preachers in the morning, switching to old movie classics in the afternoon, at which point my mother would pick up “Famous Recipe” chicken dinners for lunch…I know, God approved of all those things ; D
This morning, there isn’t anything but “pimply faced” kids singing very flat songs as best they can, “Bless Them”  they’re doing their best…maybe God is tone deaf, but I am not, so off goes the tv.
Outside I go, clean up my veggie garden…every good yogi must atleast TRY to grow some veggies right!?
I must admit, I felt a little pressured to have a garden, my sister and nephews were like…”What’s up with the veggie garden? why ya doin that?”…I love my family, they always keep it real for sure, more on them too!
But I have to say, that there is something so inspiring and fullfilling about planting seeds, giving them some water, and watching them grow into these beautiful living plants that is way better than watching preachers on television. It is watching God’s Power in action, along with a little work on our part, and that was how I connected with God this morning. (No chickens harmed in the process)… ps. no actual veggies yet, but they all seem happy : D